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The Road to Enlightenment

Listening to ViperStorm will change your world, so get listening. You can also order EmojiArt which is personally created by ViperStorm


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Check out the Mixes made by ViperStorm - awesome tunes and manic chats with his friends. Tune in and find out what it's all about

So What is This About?

There is clearly a need for more diverse broadcasting so ViperStorm is who you need to listen to for diversity - check it out. Tunes, mixes and emojiart created by the talented ViperStorm!EmojiArt

Time to take a listen to ViperStorm.


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If you want your own emojiart creation personally made for you by ViperStorm, get in touch on the contact page, or facebook, or twitter we don't mind...just get in touch to see what you can get.


Check out this link for the broadcasting on MIXLR. Check out our facebook page to see when the next broadcast is on,


Why participate? For recognition, inspiration, and get in with the crowd.


We would like to get more people involved with the broadcasts make it more interactive. All we ask is that you are manic and chatty with great input.

View the Playlist for information on some of the music that will and has been played.

We ask that you take time to listen to ViperStorm.

This is a learning exercise as well as a chatty time. You never know how it will change you until you listen in

Loads of different styles to listen and keep you listening. 


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