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Who's who on the shows:


Bossman who runs the show.


the MiLkMaN
what can one say! well he is as mad as the most insane person or one of three fucking nut jobs on Viperstorm Entertainment. If it can happen it can happen to him, and his strange bizzarre life is something to listen to or, like the day he pumped his mom or the day he got attacted by his next doors dog Derrick the Doberman. He loves to MilK womens Lactating boobs for he must get his mIlK and on the day of the special family meal and his subsequent banning from the establishment !!! Wanted in 4 counties in amerika for being a bad man! He loves to play with fun bags too lol. His voice makes the English girls cum too around the world or flat earth even prepare for insanItY.


The Dark Warlock
Manic and totally bizarre.




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